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Pharmaceutical piping - Orbital welding:

Mahyaz Engineering Company is ready to perform all pipeline operations and orbital welding of process lines and accessories, including PW, WFI, and clean steam and ... as well as modifying, improving and rebuilding old lines for the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries.

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The pharmaceutical industry in Iran is growing at an impressive pace with the pharmaceutical companies of the world. This has led to the attention of regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Food and Drug and more sensitive to compliance with the standards. Mentoring for the production line devices.

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In today's life, steel piping is an integral part of human life. Whether in everyday life or in the industry and industrial production. Every day, for the transfer and use of fluids such as water and gas. In the industrial sector it can be said that one of the most important parts is that at the beginning of the construction of each pharmaceutical factory along with the development plans, the pipelines' plans and the routes of their passage must be specified. In general, using a plumbing network, various fluids can be moved and used as needed.

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Purified water is an essential ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry and cell culture and other parts of the biotechnology industry. Water purity is vital and can be created with a variety of equipment and approaches that are based on other activities of the drug site.

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مهیازMahyaz is a group specializing in providing innovative products, services and solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. This group, using experts from the industry and support of its partners and partners in this field, is trying to provide comprehensive services in this field.

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