Engineering Services Of Mahyaz

The services of this complex include implementation of pipeline projects, documentation and validation of equipment, implementation of design and manufacturing operations of equipment, electrolysis of components, consulting in the field of design, construction and purchase of equipment. Our goal is to provide desirable, quality and innovative products and services for activists in this field.

Purefied Water Generators

Mahyaz Engineering is a professional company in manufacturing PW and WFI generators, besides pure steam generators pharmaceutical and other industries with standards.
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Pharmaceutical Piping

Mahyaz Engineering performs all piping operations of process lines, including PW, WFI, clean steam as well as food industry and oil industry steel lines, and repairing old lines for the pharmaceutical.
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Cleanroom Steel Furniture

Mahyaz is manufacturing cleanroom steel furniture in accordance with GMP standards including benches, closets, chromatography columns, hoods, laminars and pharmaceutical machineries.
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Documentation and Validation

Consultation and preparation of all GMP documents related to the pharmaceutical industry and validation of all pharmaceutical machines and devices, besides training courses.
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Purified Water Generators

Manufacturing PW, WFI, and pure steam generators.

Pharmaceutical Piping

Designing and commissioning the piping of PW and WFI lines.

Cleanroom Furniture and Machineries

Manufacturing Cleanroom furniture and Pharmaceutical machineries.
The pharmaceutical industry in Iran is growing at an impressive pace with the pharmaceutical companies of the world. This has led to the attention of regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Food and Drug and more sensitive to compliance with the standards. Mentoring for the production line devices.
Obviously, all the machines in the production lines, including solids, liquids, semi solids, sterilized, etc., need these documents. Given that in many cases the existing devices have been bought from many years ago and in Nowadays, as well as many manufacturers, they do not provide documents and documents required to the standard. The company has been dedicated to addressing this need of the pharmaceutical industry to provide all the services for documentation and validation to pharmaceutical companies. To provide.
It should be noted that other products and services, such as the piping and the manufacture of steel equipment, etc., are provided with the required documentation to the contracting companies.

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About us

مهیازMahyaz is a group specializing in providing innovative products, services and solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. This group, using experts from the industry and support of its partners and partners in this field, is trying to provide comprehensive services in this field.

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