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The pharmaceutical industry in Iran is growing at an impressive pace with the pharmaceutical companies of the world. This has led to the attention of regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Food and Drug and more sensitive to compliance with the standards. Mentoring for the production line devices.

Obviously, one of the requirements of the pharmaceutical standards is the use of stainless steel equipment in all of the product lines, in this regard, the company is able to manufacture all types of stainless steel equipment in accordance with the most up to date pharmaceutical standards.

With well-equipped engineers and technicians, the collection is designed to manufacture and manufacture all types of stainless steel equipment according to the customer's requirements and in accordance with the ASME BPE 2016 standard. This kind of steel equipment is referred to as:

 The pharmaceutical machineries such as (blender, mill, powder transfer systems, etc.)

 The stainless steel tanks (framer, bio-reactor and CIP, etc.)

 The stainless steel equipment for clean rooms such as desk, bench, closet, trolley and ...

 Heat Exchangers and Condensers

 The filter holders

 The Chromatography columns

  All types of connections and connections such as TC, Ferrule, Reducer, Union (Taper, Threaded), Flange and other fittings used in the pharmaceutical industry.


The Mahyaz engineering company delivers all of its steel equipment with the best quality and in the shortest possible time according to customers' demands.

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