Process tanks play a vital role in chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants. Process products are prepared and stored in these tanks by controlling basic parameters such as temperature, pH, stirring speed, pressure, etc. Process tanks in Mahyaz are made in accordance with the world’s standards and can compete with international reputable brands.

In the design and construction of tanks according to ASME BPE standards and GMP principles and things such as CIP and SIP capabilities, the following things have been observed:

  • The material in contact with the product is SS 316 L
  • smoothness of surfaces Ra <= 0.4
  • Passivation and electropolishing of surfaces
  • Performing quality control tests along with providing certificates
  • Equipped with automation system with PLC control with HMI or PC
بیوراکتور، فرمانتور

Mahyaz produces all kinds of bioreactors and fermentors in laboratory and industrial scale according to your needs, dear customers. Using experienced engineers and experienced personnel, this collection offers the best solution for the optimal design and construction of a fermentor or bioreactor, taking into account economic considerations and at the same time with high reliability.