Pure Steam Generator (PSG) produce biopharmaceutical grade (USP, EP, JP, CP) pure steam used in pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology manufacturing processes;
The design of clean steam generators provides high purification efficiency, maximum reliability and an advanced Ethernet-capable PLC control system with user-friendly OIT and ease of maintenance;
Yasna Arman Zendegi Engineering Company (Mahyaz) offers installation of clean steam generators with sizes as low as 90 kg/h and 350 kg/h up to 1000 kg/h of pure steam.

Various capabilities of pure steam generators of Yasna Arman Zendegi Engineering Company (Mahyaz), including a pure steam sampling system are available to ensure product quality; The pure/clean steam generators of Yasna Arman Zendegi Engineering Company (Mahyaz) are designed in
accordance with BPE and cGMP standards, including sanitary construction such as equipment piping with appropriate slope, lowest imaginary points, sanitary connections and minimum dead leg.

ژنراتور بخاز تمیز (PSG)

Each of our biopharmaceutical steam generators is equipped with PID loops for precise control of pure steam pressure and feed water level, providing rapid response to changes in pure steam header, all with stable performance.