Mahyaz Engineering Company Services

Mahyaz Engineering Company Services includes the implementation of the projects of the piping, the magazine and validate equipment, implementation of the design and construction of equipment, Electropolishing parts, advice in the field of design and construction and purchase of equipment. Our goal is to provide quality products and services, and innovation for the activists.

The pharmaceutical industry in Iran is growing at an impressive pace with the pharmaceutical companies of the world. This has led to the attention of regulatory agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Food and Drug and more sensitive to compliance with the standards. Mentoring for the production line devices.
Obviously, all the machines in the production lines, including solids, liquids, semi solids, sterilized, etc., need these documents. Given that in many cases the existing devices have been bought from many years ago and in Nowadays, as well as many manufacturers, they do not provide documents and documents required to the standard. The company has been dedicated to addressing this need of the pharmaceutical industry to provide all the services for documentation and validation to pharmaceutical companies. To provide.
It should be noted that other products and services, such as the piping and the manufacture of steel equipment, etc., are provided with the required documentation to the contracting companies.

Mahyaz Engineering Company Services

In the pharmaceutical and food industries, piping systems and fluid transfer are divided into two parts:

  1. 1- Hygienic piping system, Clean Utility
  2. 2- support piping system, Black Utility


The fluids used in the production process with direct contact with the product and the raw material are of the hygienic type, and the fluids that are for providing energy and indirect contact with the product or the raw material are the support type.

Mahyaz group with more than 2 decades of experience in piping for various industries including pharmaceutical and food, as well as the use of modern and up dated equipment, is responsible for all calculations and quality assurance of piping systems and fluid transfers.

Manufacture of steel equipment and accessories with the highest quality using stainless steel (316 and 304).

  • Stainless Steel platforms
  • Clean room trolleys
  • Changing closets
  • All kinds of steel shelves
  • Clean room cabinets
  • All types of clean room equipment
  • Changing room benches
  • Any types of active and passive pass boxes
  • Stainless steel sinks and tubs

One of the most important services of Yasna Arman Zendegi Engineering Company (Mahyaz) is the production of various types of CIP systems according to customer requirements, Some of the specifications of these CIP and SIP central or mobile system are compact design, minimum maintenance cost, SS316L material for the construction of the tanks, use of the most accurate tools to observe safety, (SCADA) PLC controller system.

According to the needs of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies, Mahyaz group designs and manufactures sterile systems on site. According to the needs of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies, Mahyaz group designs and manufactures sterile systems on site. important features of the SIP systems produced in Mahyaz Engineering Company are high resistance of the system against corrosion, skid-mounted, compact design, material structure of SS316L, high quality, automation system that can be synced to the destination equipment.

Mahyaz Engineering Company, has years of experience in this field and implementation of projects in the pharmaceutical and other industries. Therefore, consulting and preparation of all documents related to documentation and validation of pharmaceutical machines and devices will be done by Mahyaz engineering team in order to improve the quality of pharmaceutical companies’ documentation.

Simplifying complex processes using automation in the very challenging environment of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production is one of the most important services of Mahyaz Engineering Company. Complex processes in the automation sector will be solved using 21CFR Part 11 solutions. By using automation technology, it is possible to monitor, record, analyze and control all operations.

Mahyaz automation team engineers with experience in precision instrumentation and automation offers the following services to its customers:

  • – Design and development of automation systems for various industries
  • – Installation, commissioning and automation of pharmaceutical, food and refinery machines
  • – Consulting regarding the design and implementation of automation systems according to customer needs
  • – Repairing all electronic boards of machines including power, various types of interfaces, network cards, I/O Remote and …

With experienced engineers and technicians, Mahyaz designs and manufactures all kinds of equipment according to customer orders and ASME BPE standards, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Design and manufacture of CIP and SIP equipment
  • Design and manufacture of chromatography columns
  • Design and manufacture of filtration systems
  • Design and manufacture of bioreactors and fermenters
  • Design and manufacture of clean room equipment for pharmaceutical industries
  • Design and manufacture of vessels and machines used in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Design and manufacture of heat exchangers and condensers

The documentation that can be provided will include drawings, quality control inspections, surface roughness reports, and the results of the performed tests.

Process vessels play a vital role in chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing plants. Process products are prepared and stored in these vessels by controlling basic parameters such as temperature, pH, mixing speed, pressure, etc.

Process vessels in Mahyaz Engineering Company are made in accordance with the world’s standards and can compete with reputable global brands. In the design and construction of these vessels according to ASME BPE standards and GMP principles, things such as CIP and SIP capabilities, SS 316 L material in contact with the product, surface roughness Ra <<= 0.4, passivation and electropolishing of surfaces and performing quality control tests along with Providing certificates are fully respected. Also, these vessels automation system are equipped with PLC control with HMI or PC.

Mahyaz engineering group produces all kinds of bioreactors and fermenters in laboratory and industrial scale. We provide the best solution for the optimal design and construction of a fermenter or bioreactor by using experienced engineers and personnel, which leads to economic production and at the same time with high reliability.

The bioreactors manufactured in Mahyaz Engineering Company, due to compliance with GMP standards and ASME BFE principles, compact design with the least occupied space, equipped with PLC controller system and updated valves and instruments of perfect brands, have the ability to compete with reputable global brands.

Mahyaz Group designs and manufactures suitable water systems for pharmaceutical industries in accordance with BP and USP standards. It is possible to design and build water injection (WFI) and pure steam (PSG) systems in requested capacities according to the available standards.

A clean room is an enclosed space in which airborne particulates, contaminants, and pollutants are kept within strict limits.

Supply and implementation of clean room and antibacterial flooring, supply of all electrical and installation infrastructures, implementation of ventilation systems according to the class of clean room, control and monitoring systems are among the necessary activities.

Mahyaz engineering and process team provides the best solutions for optimal use of space and cost reduction in compliance with GMP standards, according to consumer needs in various production and operational processes.