Mahyaz Engineering Company Portfolio

The services of this company include Purefied Water (PW) Generator, Water For Injection (WFI) Generator, PW & WFI Distribution systems, Purefied Steam Generators (PSG), Bioreactors and Fermentors, Heat Exchangers and Condenser, Process Tanks, Filteration System, Process And Utility Lines Piping. In this section, you will see the projects carried out by Yasna Arman Zandegi Engineering Company (Mahyaz).

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What is stainless steel?

Any chemical operation requires a special alloy that can resist against corrosion and be free from metal ion Pollution. Biological usage may have even more

Stainless Steel Piping

In today’s life, steel piping is an integral part of human life. Whether in everyday life for the transfer and use of fluids such as